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…to Portland!

Posted by Aaron Zueck | Aug 20, 2010 | 2 comment(s)

After 4,521 miles and 18 pretty rad community potlucks, we’ve finally crossed the finish line. We rode through a swarm of bees, teetered on a foot-wide dirt rim of a washed out road 30 feet above the river and rubble below, threatened farm dogs with pepper spray and our own vicious barks, climbed 10,000 foot mountain passes, and pushed with might through 50-mph headwinds. Most importantly, we have had the chance to become a part – however small – of the 18 communities we shared meals with across the country.

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Local Food News

Wal Mart helps small farms supply 'local' food

Jul 27, 2010

In recent years, Wal-Mart has tried to soften its image as a corporate steamroller with a number of local and environmental projects.

The company wants to revitalize small and midsize farms in the U.S. and has begun a program to increase the amount of local produce sold in Walmart stores. The program also benefits consumers, who have access to fresher food, as well as Wal-Mart itself. But some critics are skeptical of the program’s logistics.

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