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Snowy Vermont

Posted by Aaron Zueck | Apr 28, 2010

Burlington on Tuesday – photo courtesy of Kipernicus. We were in no condition to pull out the cameras.

A snowstorm? We first heard rumors of the impending weather on Monday afternoon, when it was a delightful 68 degrees in Hardwick. Maybe it seemed too outlandish, or maybe we just didn’t want to believe it. But by the time we made it out of Montpelier the heavy, cold rain had turned to snow, and believers we were. Our first day in the saddle was going to be a tough one. In the next 6 or so hours we saw (and felt) biting rain and slushy, wet snow. Thanks go out to Onion River Sports for the plastic bags that covered our gloves, and lined our shoes.

It’s still wet and very cold here in Burlington. So we’re taking a day off from riding to process some of what we experienced in Hardwick – touring farms, meeting some ambitious, smart and inspiring agropreneurs, and brainstorming ways to translate the good happening in this area across the country. Check out the photos.

We’re also reeling from a delicious potluck that greeted us in Burlington. Over thirty people filled our friend Caitlin’s small apartment, for what ended up being our first big event. We heard (and captured!) many local food stories – one about a couple building a new home – a “portable mini-cabin” – and how it will affect what they eat and how they eat it. We’ll have videos up on the “Stories” section of the site soon – so stay tuned.

The sun is peaking out from the clouds now – tomorrow we’re back on the road!


Abigail said on Friday, April 30, 2010:

How nice to meet you today at Middlebury! Good luck on your journey.

Annie said on Friday, April 30, 2010:

Hey guys…hope the sunset was great last night after you left Flatbread. Did you ask them why they call it that, btw?

Anyway…I’m rushing off from work (been here 13 hours), so no details about who to contact, but I havent’ forgotten it. I’ll try to hook you up with some folks along your way through The Middle. :)
Take care! Ride safe! Drink IPA!

Chewy said on Friday, April 30, 2010:

Such a fan of this incredible idea, and thanks for the wonderful departure soiree! Glad to hear you guys are off safely, and I’LL BE PROVIDING CONTACTS FOR THE HOTCHKISS/PAONIA AREA SHORTLY!! LOCAL FOOD CENTER OF COLORADOYOU MUST NOT MISS IT!!!

Thomas Leavitt said on Saturday, May 01, 2010:

Here’s hoping for better weather. Looking forward to your visit in Illinois!

Tom & Lori

Grandma said on Saturday, May 01, 2010:

We’re happy to hear that you have been happy and successful with your adventure. Snow is always to cope with, but chalk it up to experience. It’s bound to improve. We love you Be safe Be Happy and be careful with yourselves Love

Peter Pehrson said on Monday, May 03, 2010:

We here in Schoharie were graced by your company this past Saturday night at the potluck. You guys impress the hell out of me.We’ll be in touch

G-Ma said on Tuesday, May 04, 2010:

Sorry about the bad weather to start. You will be wishing for some of the cool weather as the summer goes on. Looking forword to seeing you some time. Stay safe, ride safe.

Love to both of you & good luck

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