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What does local food mean to you?

Posted by Robert DuBois | May 07, 2010

Adele Hayes from Sap Bush Hollow Farm in Cobleskill, NY. View more videos like this.

This is the first of many videos we’ve captured of folks answering the question, “what does local food mean to you?” Suffice it to say we haven’t heard the same story twice.

Adele Hayes runs the Sap Bush Hollow farm, a beautiful pasture-based farm in Cobleskill, NY. Their farm supplies at least 50 families’ food over the course of the year.


Andy White said on Wednesday, May 12, 2010:

In-deed :)

Jim Javenkoski said on Saturday, May 15, 2010:

Hi, Robert and Aaron:

Earlier this evening, @WhiteOakGourmet informed me about your cross-country cycling journey to document local foods. Your Tweets suggest that you are still in Ohio as of tonight but if you can make it to Chicago by Monday evening (the 17th), I’ll make both of you special guests at the “Locavore Dinner” I will present at the Hopleaf Bar (5148 N Clark St, near Foster, in the Andersonville neighborhood):


Michael Roper, owner of the Hopleaf, is an avid cyclist, so let’s try to connect while you’re here in Chicago. We’ll figure out a comfortable place for you to crash and refuel in the Windy City!

Jim Javenkoski

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