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Into the Midwest

Posted by Aaron Zueck | May 15, 2010

Clevelanders Gary, Laura, and baby Kaia

We watched the hills of Central New York, and the toll it took on our legs, roll away under our feet. We’ve been hitting the pavement pretty hard, moving through the Finger Lakes Region, along the banks of Lake Erie and finally into Cleveland. The quaint New England villages are gone, and so are the road shoulders. We’ve met some good folks here and are starting to see some of the community’s local food happenings firsthand.

Since last posting we’ve stumbled upon some great restaurants that serve almost exclusively local fare. Ever since sitting down at Claire’s in Hardwick, VT, we’ve seen how important a role this sort of establishment can play as a commons both for those interested in keeping it local, and for those who just want a great meal at a great price. We’ll have those locations up on our map soon.

And just this morning, we visited our first Farmers’ Market. While in upstate New York, I was somewhat surprised to learn that in many communities it is nearly impossible to purchase the kinds of local produce that keeps well in cellars (apples, potatoes, onions, beets, turnips, etc.). While Farmers’ Markets are very popular in the summer months, I’ve heard of only one winter market along our route. Surely there are more, and we welcome you to let us know of others that we may have missed. But the lack of local winter nourishment in an area that supplies much of what shows up at my rear-round market in Brooklyn is dismaying. All that aside, we are enjoying the warm weather and looking forward to easier access to local food.


Lee Trampleasure said on Sunday, May 16, 2010:

I’m not sure about the “honk if you love local food” t-shirt. People honking as they pass me always scare the bejeeses out of me :-)

Keep on riding!

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