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Will Allen, Growing Power

Posted by Robert DuBois | Jun 17, 2010

You’ve likely heard of Will Allen. He’s making major moves with his nonprofit organization, Growing Power in Milwaukee, WI. “What started as a simple partnership to change the landscape of the north side of Milwaukee has blossomed into a national and global commitment to sustainable food systems.” (from GrowingPower.org)

After a long day of beekeeping and urban riding, we were lucky enough to meet up with Will on our way out of town. (It should be noted that he wanted to do the video in one of his greenhouses, but wasn’t able to due to an injured knee.)

(more about Growing Power and Photos after the jump)

About Growing Power (from GrowingPower.org)

Projects and Growing Methods
Growing Power demonstrates our easy to replicate growing methods through on-site workshops and hands-on demonstrations. We have farms in Milwaukee and Merton, Wisconsin, and in Chicago, Illinois. Growing Power has also established satellite-training sites in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Mississippi.

Education and Technical Assistance
Growing Power’s educates folks through local, national, and international outreach for farmers and communities. We also run multiple youth programs, have an active volunteer base, and actively work on policy initiatives regarding agriculture.

Food Production and Distribution
Food production occurs in the organization’s demonstration greenhouses, rural farm site in Merton, and urban farms in Milwaukee and Chicago. We also distribute produce, grass-based meats, and value-added products through the activities of over 300 small family farmers in the Rainbow Farmers Cooperative, and the organization’s year-round food security program the Farm-to-City Market Basket Program.

Photos from our Visit


Shawna said on Sunday, June 27, 2010:

Wow…! Awesome. I wish I would have read up on you guys before I came to the Brookings co-op pick-up/potluck. I’ve heard about this operation and would have LOVED to learn more about it from people who’ve actually been there. Drat it all, that would have been so cool.

Nevertheless, it was a fun interlude and nice to meet you. Enjoy the rest of your ride! I love what you’re doing.

~Shawna, mama of the two little boys at the end

Sheila said on Wednesday, July 14, 2010:

I first learned of Mr. Allen when watching the movie FRESH by Ana Sofia Joanes. He’s very inspiring (and instantly likeable). Thanks for sharing photos of your visit with him.

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