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CSA in the South Bronx

Posted by Robert DuBois | Jun 23, 2010

When we visited Schoharie valley in upstate New York, we learned about a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that connects farmers in that area with residents of the South Bronx, 150 miles away. The program recently delivered its first produce – with biweekly subscriptions and an income-based pricing model, rather than the typical season-long and fixed-price model – to the area.

When Richard Ball, who is one of the farmers working with the project, first told us about it back in May, the idea and the action really inspired us – the CSA is a powerful model for getting fresh, local, seasonal produce to the table, and this program gives those who most need it the access they deserve.

This is a prime example of extending locally-produced food beyond the farmer’s market, expanding its reach to those who have limited access to food or live in a food desert.

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Kei said on Saturday, July 10, 2010:

I’m so happy to hear this! I used to live in the south Bronx and coming by affordable, whole foods and fresh produce was unbelievably difficult. My mom would often buy food on her way back from work in a nicer neighborhood in Manhattan. I first read about this in a post here I share the blogger’s sentiments concerning the lack of good food access. However, supermarkets aren’t the [only] answer to improving healthy and sustainable food access. These neighborhoods need more support in advocating for healthier, whole and local foods in their already-existing market spaces.

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