We’re biking across America to capture stories of the
Local Food Movement – 
through Potlucks.

…to Portland!

Posted by Aaron Zueck | Aug 20, 2010

After 4,521 miles and 18 pretty rad community potlucks, we’ve finally crossed the finish line. We rode through a swarm of bees, teetered on a foot-wide dirt rim of a washed out road 30 feet above the river and rubble below, threatened farm dogs with pepper spray and our own vicious barks, climbed 10,000 foot mountain passes, and pushed with might through 50-mph headwinds. Most importantly, we have had the chance to become a part – however small – of the 18 communities we shared meals with across the country.

Over the past 107 days we’ve been Potlucking Across America, bringing people together to talk about food, over food, and capturing and sharing the great stories we find along the way. With humility, we’ll say we’re quite satisfied with the results, but maybe the 6 year old potlucker we met in Wisconsin put it best when she said: “This was the best day of my life.”

Although the riding is done, Bikeloc is far from over, so here’s what you can expect from us over the next year:

Recipe Book
This summer we had 18 of the best meals of our lives. We got to share everything from blueberry pie to lambs quarter quiche to raw lemon beet juice with people across the country. This experience reaffirmed that local food just tastes better. And it’s important to note that we always felt better on rides after enjoying good, local meals. With that in mind, we’re planning a recipe book, full of some of the best local and seasonal food, and the inspiring stories that went along with it, that we encountered this summer.

We want your recipes!
Did you attend one of our potlucks? We’d love to learn your secrets, the ingredients, the measurements, and the stories you’ve got about what you brought. Or maybe someone else brought something you thought was really great. Or maybe you have a story that goes along with your favorite dish. Let us know by emailing aaron@bikeloc.org.

Stories From the Road
We spent a lot of time this summer learning about the inspiring things happening in local food around the country. And between that and riding up to 130 miles per day, we haven’t had as much time as we would have liked to share them with you. We’ve got lots of videos, photos, audio, and our own thoughts to share – so stay tuned to bikeloc.org.

Still Potlucking
Plans are in the works for a potluck in San Francisco on or around September 11th. And our goal remains to bring communities together over food. If you’re in New York, you’ll likely have an event to look forward to later this year. And if you’re in one of the many, many communities that we missed along the way, we’re developing resources to help you set up a potluck, or a “bikeluck”, of your own.

Resources, Resources, Resources
We’ve learned of quite a few places to go for information about just about every aspect of the local food movement as we know it. We’re compiling things now and hope to have it up on the website soon. We think these resources will be useful for anyone learning more about local food, or working to engage themselves and their community in the movement.

Bikeloc would not and does not exist without our fellow potluckers, farmers, homestays, warm showers, couch surfers, community gardeners, restauranteurs, friends, and the like. Food and bikes aside, perhaps the most salient observation of our 107-day journey is that America is brimming with kind, generous, individuals poised to lend a helping hand. We kindly thank each and every one you. It is with great excitement that we proclaim: you will forever be a part of Bikeloc!

Happy Potluckers

Chasm portage

Wheat and wheat as far as you could see

Curious chickens

Finally got a glimpse of Mt. Hood

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Grandma Jeanne said on Friday, August 20, 2010:

WOWWHAT FINISH! Congratulations on finishing what you started and being successful in that endeavor. We’re proud of you and Robert and your accomplishments. Love

Bobbi Jo Behrman said on Thursday, September 02, 2010:

When I was fortunate enough to join (and see for myself) in Salt Lake City, UT what Bikeloc is all about I have never been so PROUD to be apart, ever so small, of something in my life. Your message is exceptional and I know only greater things are to come from Bikeloc. I only wish more were to experience what I did first hand. Good job Aaron and Robert what you two are doing is astounding.

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